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I'm Sumarie Schreiner, a specialist in Customer Experience Management (CXM),  Strategic Branding & Marketing. With over two decades of experience, I bridge the gap between theory and practice in business. Explore my site to learn more about my research, teaching, and consulting services.

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In the dynamic world of business, where strategic branding and customer experience (CX) are paramount, I have spent over two decades honing skills that now serve a broader purpose. Driven by curiosity and a desire to share knowledge, my career foundation is built on launching brands and developing marketing strategies that resonate globally, always focusing on the human elements of business and the power of effective connection.

Currently, I engage deeply with these concepts through multiple professional avenues. As a lecturer, I teach subjects close to my heart—Strategic Branding, Marketing, and CX. I merge practical insights with academic theory, crafting an educational experience that bridges professional practice with scholarly inquiry. This approach not only enriches the learning environment but also ensures the practical applicability of theoretical knowledge.

Completing my Doctorate in Business Administration at the Swiss School of Management was an integral part of my professional development, enhancing my insights into Customer Experience Management—a field where I actively contribute as a Certified Customer Experience Professional and a judge at international forums.

As a consultant, researcher, and educator, I am committed to applying my expertise in real-world settings, advising companies, and conducting research studies. This integrated approach allows me to ignite curiosity and foster innovation across disciplines.


Customer Experience Management (CXM)

I leverage CX best practices and empirically validated maturity instruments to help your business achieve competitive differentiation through effective Customer Experience Management and enhanced business performance. These instruments assess and improve your CXM strategies, ensuring efforts focus on the most impactful areas. By integrating People, Processes, and Technology, I provide a clear roadmap for your CXM transformation journey to help you optimise strategies, prioritise key areas, and enhance overall business outcomes, fostering continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

Strategic Branding, Marketing and Communications

With over two decades of hands-on experience, I have successfully guided brands across various industries, including finance, healthcare, education, and retail. At my founding consultancy, BrandBrew, I have led major rebranding projects, developed strategic brand roadmaps, and executed marketing and communication campaigns with measurable ROI. My approach combines proven methodologies and industry insights to deliver practical, actionable solutions that drive business growth and enhance customer engagement.

Some of the great brands I've had the pleasure of working with.  

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Courses developed and taught

  • Customer Experience and your Business

  • Strategic Branding

  • Introduction to Marketing​

  • Digital Marketing

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

  • Responsible and Sustainable User-Centred Marketing

  • Market Research (Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies)


Educational Philosophy

With extensive experience in strategic branding, marketing, and customer experience (CX), I bring both practical insights and academic theory to the shared learning experience. My goal is to facilitate an interactive and collaborative environment where critical questions are explored, equipping learners for the ever-changing world. By merging practical insights with academic theory, I create a rich learning environment that engages students through real-world applications, ensuring they are well-prepared for professional challenges.


My research focuses on strategic branding, marketing strategies, and customer experience management. I aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that my findings have real-world applicability and contribute to the advancement of these fields.

Recent studies

Customer Experience Management (CXM): Towards Examining the Linkages and Impact on Business Performance

This study formulates an enhanced, empirically grounded CXM construct with measurable items, investigating the impact of essential CXM dimensions on differentiation as a competitive advantage and its effect on market and financial outcomes. Utilising a quantitative methodology, the research involved a comprehensive survey of 174 global organisations across 14 industries.

The findings highlight the multifaceted nature of CXM, emphasising the importance of continual innovation in Customer Experience Design as a primary driver for differentiation and enhanced financial performance.

By comprehensively understanding customer experience design, customer data collection and insights, and CX performance metrics, businesses can strategically enhance their CX practices for an effective transformation to achieve competitive differentiation and improved business outcomes.

Click here for the research findings and insights.


Thank you for connecting!


+27 82 875 4743

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